THE Blog Birthday Post!

Hey y'all, we're doubling up on posts today! (Because another 'episode' of High School Madness is going to be released later as well...) So, I totally forgot about this until just a few days ago... but, it's my blog's birthday today! Woo! Now, let's reflect on how this past year has been. For the blog. …

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“HS Madness” part 3!

Welcome back! Here we have part 3 of High School Madness, the story I wrote circa 10 years old for who knows what reason(s)... and the time has come to continue the tale! Let me know how it was and come back tomorrow night for the next blood-pumping part! -iKari

A writing (or absolutely anything else) playlist!

Hey, guys! So, I've always seen a lot of blogger-made music playlists floating around every once in a while... and, actually, I thought it might be fun to try to make one myself, too! Now, I'm a pretty musical-ly-eque kind of person; I'm that friend that knows a specific song lyric for every situation; I …

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