Kari’s Work

Well, as of today, I have two full-length novels published in free ebook formats!

First, my brand new book, What Now, Emma Lenford? can currently be downloaded in any ebook format from Smashwords, from epub (ebook) file to mobi (kindle) file to PDF file; it can also be read straight from your internet browser, if you prefer.

Written as a series of seriously ill-fated situations, Emma Lenford is like a sit-com that takes the death-defying to the level of detrimentally hilarious… no Netflix subscription required.

Emma Lenford is also now available at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Scribd, and Free-Ebooks.net. It may be available at many others, too, if you search for it by ISBN 9781370611782.

Emma Lenford

Secondly, my debut book, Cartoon was published on March 12th, 2017, and can be found at any of the following ebook retailer sites: Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, and Scribd. 

Cartoon is the story of a 16-going-on-17 year old girl and the adventures she gets to endure after she meets a boy who just happens to be a super awesome 007-spy kind of guy. He teaches her all the ropes of ‘secret agent work’ in time… and a few other things, too.

You can also snatch a copy of Cartoon if you use a service powered by Baker & Taylor, OverDrive, Gardeners, Tolino, Bibliotheca CloudLibrary, Odilo, and/or many others if you search by any of the following terms:

Title: ‘Cartoon’

Author: ‘Kari Lynn M’

ISBN: 9781370287444

Or, if the retailer you prefer doesn’t carry my book, you can download it as either an epub (ebook) file, mobi (kindle) file, or PDF file directly from Smashwords as well.

Cartoon Cover


And, if you just can’t get enough of me (haha, yeah right), then you can check out more of my older work on my Wattpad site.  I’ll also be posting some spontaneous writing prompts and short stories here on my blog under MY stuff.

I’m such a professional, I know.

Check out my work and let me know what you think!

-iKari ♡