It’s… break time.

Ugh. I tried to put this off for as long as I could, but I knew it was going to have to happen at some point or another. So... what am I talking about? I'm going to take a break, or semi-hiatus, from blogging for a while.  I know, I'm sorry... it's not that I …

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Updates… I’m writing poetry again!

...And also stalling the ending of my next novel! ...Procrastination, yes, I know. But, hey, at least I'm doing something productive with it this time, right? Anyway... yep, I'm back at it. I'm not sure why, exactly, that I started up to poetry flow once more... but, after a solid two (or maybe three...) weeks …

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Introducing… Emma Lenford.

Oh, yeah, it's just about time! My publishing day for my sophomore book is TOMORROW!!! So, here to help us countdown, I have... (drum roll)... my official book cover! Revealed right here. It's great, right? And, also, I have a SNIPPET of the book itself to introduce to y'all! And, so, here is a quick …

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