Here’s all the tags on my posts, along with a short description of what you should expect from each.

“Alright, so…” -A tag for pretty much any type of rant I have to give, or for that special type of story I might have to tell that I have to start with ‘alright, so’. (You know what type of stories I’m talking about…)

Personal PSAs -A place for me to post about things that I feel are important for everyone to know about, even if they are dumb or seem pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Expect to get a good laugh anytime you come here.

“So, One Time…” -The tag that holds the key to my past; pretty much where any story I randomly remember from longer than two days ago and want to share goes.

Story Reviews -This is where I go to give my opinion on any books I’ve read (which doesn’t happen too much) or movies/ television shows I’ve seen. It’s also where you can find my world famous song analyses, because songs are stories, too!

“Kari Bradshaw” -You read it right. This is the place where I go to question the world around me and ask, ‘what is this meaning of this and that?’ and ‘why is it like that?’… usually after watching Sex and the City reruns, of course.

What’s Up Now, Homedog? -The category that encompasses every aspect of my life! If you ever wanna know what’s up with me or what I’ve been up to, this is where you’ll wanna go.

…Writing!!! -And, finally, the… well, the writing tag! The place to go if you actually wanna learn something from me. (Part of it is my personal writing tips, another third is me sharing some important grammar rules because, as you’ll soon learn, I’m a total grammar freak… and the last third is any of my own poems or short story posts!)

My site is still pretty new, so expect this list to change quite a few times in the near future.