A writing (or absolutely anything else) playlist!

Hey, guys! So, I've always seen a lot of blogger-made music playlists floating around every once in a while... and, actually, I thought it might be fun to try to make one myself, too! Now, I'm a pretty musical-ly-eque kind of person; I'm that friend that knows a specific song lyric for every situation; I …

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Things I hate.

Okay, so I went to the library about two weeks ago and wandered around while my mom faxed some tax papers and crap. Now, I usually don't go to the library just to browse books (the movies are usually first priory... oops), but she was taking so dang long that I had no choice but …

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Introducing… Emma Lenford.

Oh, yeah, it's just about time! My publishing day for my sophomore book is TOMORROW!!! So, here to help us countdown, I have... (drum roll)... my official book cover! Revealed right here. It's great, right? And, also, I have a SNIPPET of the book itself to introduce to y'all! And, so, here is a quick …

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